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Make Your Own Cookbook

Write down your programming recipes and share them.

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What You, The Writer, Win

Good quality technical articles are needed for a healthy software industry. As I showed, there is much incentive for you to put in the effort and produce quality technical content. It is inherently very beneficial to the reader and even the industry as a whole. Please do trust me when I say that writing opens up a lot of opportunities to you as an individual, and is worth every minute invested into it.

Let's Make Your Own Cookbooks

The uniquest point of ownCookbook in other blogs and community sites is that you can arrange your articles in each book. It means you can make your own cookbooks, like 'Modern C++ Programming Cookbook', 'Python Cookbook', Go Programming Cookbook, and so on.

If you use free blog or community site such as Dev community, you are stack to find your article because your data is messy. I know you want to organize them. ownCookbook helps you arrange your fruitful articles tidily.

Don't Hesitate To Write Down As Soon As You Think

Write down any documents, such as programming recipes, functions, specification, etc. as soon as you think of it.

Don't worry, you can change your article order anytime. Of course, you can move articles to another book.

Markdown Editor Helps You To Concentrate On Writing Your Article

You can write your article with Markdown: the most popular markup language. Markdown helps you to concentrate on writing. If you don't know markdown well, don't worry. Our editor has convenient buttons to helps you to write markdown like WYSIWYG editor.

Are You A Scientist?

You can insert beautiful math formulas like Latex and Tex.

Share Your Article

Article viewer is very simple to concentrate to read like Medium. Let's share your article using twitter, facebook, linkedIn. Your articles are shared with ogp link card which is very eye-catching!

Of Course, You Can Make Secret Article

You don't want to share the article?

Don't worry. You can save your article as limited article. Only people knows the url can access it.